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If you daydream about climbing, hiking and trekking in the African highlands bush, Rwanda is the preeminent destination for your outdoor vacation. Both Nyungwe Forest and Volcanoes Park offer superb networks of trails that take you into some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet. No matter your fitness or experience level, AfricanMecca Safaris will help you find trails that will exceed your expectations. The most challenging of the treks takes you to an elevation of 4507 meters, to thesnow-capped summit of Mount Karisimbi in Volcanoes National Park, the highest peak of the eight major volcanoes in the Virunga field. The two-day trek will challenge you physically and mentally while immersing you in the beauty of four distinct vegetation zones. Anotherhigh-elevation hike awaits at Mount Bisoke, the most visited summit in the Virungas. The 6-7 hour amatuer ascent hike takes you near agricultural fields, through a forest, and near the Dian Fossey gravesite before reaching the unexpected surprise of a crater lake at the summit.

To our guests, Nyungwe National Park, in southwestern Rwanda, seems to be fashioned solely for the hiker or trekker in all of us! A network of trails crisscrosses and winds through the park, offering everything from leisurely one-hour nature walks to seven-hour and multi-day outings for experienced hikers. The immense beauty of towering trees, waterfalls, delightful primates, and colorful birds is the centerpiece of many of the trails in Nyungwe Park during your tour, but some trails offer true adventures for our guests. The most challenging trail in the park is the Congo-Nile Divide Trail, a pathway along two legendary rivers, where hikers can daydream about being an early explorer seeking the mysterious source of the Nile River.

For a unique view of the rainforest, the novice-level Canopy Trail takes you to observation points above the treetops. History buffs will love the chance to step back in history on Karamba Trail and visit a former gold mine, an army camp, and a local market. Photographers will be thrilled by the stunning beauty of Rwanda’s wildflowers along the Igishigishigi Trail. For a change of pace, take the Kamiranzovu Trail to the park’s wetlands and swamps to discover large and small creatures that inhabit these unique ecosystems, or pack a picnic lunch and head to Ngabwe Trail to enjoy a lovely outdoor meal with impeccable views. Simply imagine your ideal hiking and trekking holiday, and Rwanda will deliver an experience like no other!

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