The Cultural People Of Rwanda

The three cultures of Rwanda once clashed, largely over socio-economic differences, but today the Tutsi, Hutu, and Twa peoples represent a common commitment to the betterment of all Rwandan people. Through unity, collaboration, and absolute dedication, the people of Rwanda take every measure to ensure that the fabric of their country is never again torn by genocide and other crimes against humanity. Meeting some of the people from these three tribes allows you to see the value of each of their cultures and their pride in the homeland.AfricanMecca Safaris offers cultural tours that are sensitive to the preservation of Africa’s indigenous tribes, and all of our cultural activities are carefully coordinated with the local communities. Our goal is to provide our guests with authentic cultural engagements with Rwandan people while ensuring the privacy and respect that villagers need to maintain their cultural traditions. The activities allow villagers to share their culture, arts, beliefs, and much more, while providing a source of income that supports education, medical care, and other valuable resources.

At Ibyiwacu Village, outside Volcanoes National Park, our guests are greeted by an amazing presentation featuring traditional drumming and dancing coupled with warm, heartfelt Rwandan hospitality. You visit a replica of the king’s house, learn about traditional medicine, meet children at the local school, and even sample some delicious food and banana beer. During your visit to Nyungwe National Park, take some time to explore Banda Village, in the heart of the park, and Kitabi Cultural Village, on the eastern edge of the park. With advance preparation, you can even stay overnight in the villages to see another side of day-to-day life here. Families traveling with older children always find the cultural activities in Rwanda to be educational and interesting for the loved ones. Imagine the delight on your children’s faces when someone from an exotic tribe shows them how to weave a basket, shoot a bow, or create a ceramic pot!

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