Kigali: The Heartbeat Of Modern Rwanda

Kigali is considered one of the friendliest capital cities in Africa, and its metropolitan ambience is a great complement to your time in the Rwandan bush country. The population of the city is young, so you will find a diverse range of engaging activities blended with a bit of history and culture. As Rwanda continues to emerge from a tragic past, Kigali represents the future; it has become a thriving center for business and economic development, while maintaining its charming character. Development has been well planned to preserve the natural contours of the surrounding hillsides. The city is divided into distinct districts, with one reserved for government and administrative buildings. In another district, the city center is surrounded by shops and markets.

In Kigali, a new treasure awaits around each corner as you travel the roads that wind through the city. You can learn about the country’s flora and fauna at the Kandt House (Natural History Museum), which features three sections, each highlighting an aspect of Rwanda’s ecological resources. Geology lovers immensely enjoy the displays in the back section of the museum, dedicated entirely to the country’s volcanism and the astonishing volcanoes in northwest Rwanda. Discover the country’s evolving artists atInema Art Center. Stop by Ivuka Arts Center to watch artists make their creations before enjoying a nice lunch at Heaven Restaurant, which is decorated with the artists’ work. Next, head over to Niyo Art Gallery to learn about how art is helping street children in Rwanda, and perhaps make a donation to support the education, medical care, and daily basic needs of less-fortunate Rwandans.

Support sustainable fair-trade tourism by purchasing traditional crafts such as drums, baskets, wood carvings, and ceramics atCapalaki Handicrafts Cooperative, and see local Twa people perform traditional dances at The Dancing Pots. Be sure to take a look at the Parliament Building and Presidential Palace, which contain so much of the country’s history, including debris from the presidential plane that was shot down on April 6, 1994, the catalyst for Rwanda’s darkest chapter.

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