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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai, UAE
  • Dubai Shopping Festival, GITEX, tax-free

Being tax-free definitely, has its rewards. Dubai offers a shopping experience like no other. From global brands to unique finds, the city’s shopping scene is one good reason enough to visit this glamorous side of the world.

  • Shop in the old

Souks, which means ‘market’ in Arabic, thrive in the area. There are dedicated souks for textile, for fabrics, for spices, and for gold, among others. Two of the most famous souks are the Spice Souk and the Gold Souk. The Spice Souk  offers a variety of different herbs and spices while the Gold Souk provides unbeatable deals on its fine-crafted jewelry.

  • Shop in the new

For a modern shopping experience, Dubai sure has a lot to offer. The city is where you will find Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world. Apart from shops and restaurants, the Dubai Mall houses a towering aquarium, a huge ice rink, and an indoor amusement center. It also features the Dubai Fountain wherein shows are being played by schedule. The fountain features world-class light and sound synchronization which, they say, can be viewed from the moon.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai, UAE

Another prominent shopping destination is the Mall of the Emirates. One of MOE’s key attractions is the Ski Dubai where you will find the largest indoor ski slope in the planet.

  • Shopping Festivals

There are three major shopping events in Dubai that are anticipated by visitors and residents alike. The first and most prestigious of the three is the Dubai Shopping Festival. It is held during the month of January. The festival is famous for its huge discounts and incomparable bargains. The second one, Dubai Summer Surprises, takes place every summer. It offers drop-down rates for different purchases as well. The third festival is the GITEX; a technology-themed exposition held every October. It offers gadget bargains and package deals exclusively available only in the said event.

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