Experience Kenya’s Pioneer Private Conservancies

Much of Kenya’s success in protecting fauna and its wilderness is due to the private conservancies that border national parks and reserves. The conservancies encompass vital habitats and migration paths that would otherwise be lost. As a guest of AfricanMecca Safaris, you have access to the inimitable safari experiences that are available only in these private conservancies. The possibilities are almost endless in what you may discover. The conservancies that surround Masai Mara take you into remote areas of the ecosystem with limited number of camps and guest vehicles. Venture out under the cover of darkness to watch a pride of lion feast upon their night kill, and watch the delightful antics of bush babies in a wooded outback. Walk with a Maasai warrior through the bush to locate signs of animal activity, such as scat, tracks, carcasses and slumbering areas. As you engage in the tiny world of blossoms and insects, you listen to ancient folklore and learn the medicinal uses of plants.

You can even hike to a secluded location in a conservancy and fly camp amidst the wildlife and wilderness, or float above the plains in a hot air balloon! Your adventurous exploration of Kenya continues at private conservancies in Laikipia, from Lewa in the east to Mugie in the north. Imagine delving into the Kenyan outback on horseback or while riding a camel. See the flora, wildlife and terrain from the seat of a bi-plane, and take a helicopter ride to an isolated location to camp overnight! If you feel the need to maintain your physical fitness, you can mountain bike across the savannah where giraffes, elephants, zebras, rhinos, varied antelopes and other animals graze and forage. For even more action-packed excitement, you can trek up Mount Kenya and quad bike in Borana Conservancy! Your AfricanMecca tour representative can tell you even more of the many exceptional safari experiences that await you in Kenya’s private conservancies!

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