Birding Paradise

Wherever you are in Rwanda, your incredible trip is sure to include some of the country’s colorful birds.. Rwanda is home to an estimated 650 species of birds, a staggering number considering that the whole country measures only 26,338 square kilometers (10,169 square miles). What’s more, the diversity of habitats means that our guests can experience many different types of avian life, including the second highest number of Albertine Rift endemic species. The forest canopy at Volcanoes National Park offers refuge for 178 species, including 13 species and 16 subspecies endemic to the Rwenzoris and Virungas. Cinnamon bracken warblers, red-throated wrynecks, white-tailed blue flycatchers, and black-and-white mannikins are just some of the birds found in the park. Almost twice as many species are found at Nyungwe National Park, where 310 bird species have been recorded. Although many of the species are known to exist in unexplored sections of the park, you can easily spot Albertine Rift endemics from the road that runs along the park.

Our guests often record Rwenzori turacos, handsome francolins, mountain sooty boubous, Neumann’s and Grauer’s warblers, regal and blue-headed sunbirds, strange weavers, red-faced woodlands warblers, and numerous other species. The road also provides the best access for seeing red-collared mountain babblers and Kungwe apalis. You may even come upon a Congo peacock that has drifted over from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Papyrus gonoleks and Grauer’s swamp warblers are found along the Nyabarongo River while following the trails through the forest near Uwinka is the best way to spot great blue turacos, white-bellied robin-chats, white-tailed crested flycatchers, and dusky and Shelley’s crimsonwings. Venture out in the evening with our guide and you may locate Albertine owlets, Congo bay-owls, and Rwenzori nightjars. Birding in Akagera National Park introduces you to some of the park’s 500 bird species, such as African openbill storks, bearded woodpeckers, martial eagles, splendid starlings, western banded snake eagles, African hawk eagles, and lappet-faced and white-headed vultures. You can even do a little birdwatching while relaxing on the beaches of Lake Kivu, home to 60 Rwandan bird species.

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